The Goddess Vision

I believe, my number one mission in life is to help people grow into new levels of consciousness. My areas of interest are in human services and entrepreneurship. You see I have a vision.

1. I see confident and purpose driven youth, who are present in the moment while also being focused on their future.

2. I see women, young and old, who are filled with self-love and strength, while maintaining their femininity.

3. I see young men who have respect for themselves and an even higher respect for others, especially women.

4. For my adult women, I see us falling in love with our natural selves all over again. Uniting, teaching, and being an example to our future generations of women.

5. I envision opportunities becoming available for adult men to thrive.

Have you heard the saying that, “You create the life you live”? Well if that’s true, this is the reality I wish to create. In my own special way.

I have hosted a few events for teens, volunteered with different organizations on several occasions, and I currently work in the human service field. I say this to say, I am definitely gaining the hands on experience I need to support me in making my dream a reality.

Being involved in this field has taught me one thing, I cannot do it by myself. Having a network of people who are on the same page as you mentally, physically and emotionally are the only ways to make positive events happen in your life.

Growing up as the only child has not afforded me the opportunity to exercise my communication and friend making skills, and unfortunately, those traits have followed me into my adult hood. I am working on it. Lol. Funding, I have found to be a challenge as well. My dreams are big! I know that you cannot just wish a dream true. The proper resources are needed to make it happen.

On this journey, there have been many incidents that has occurred that has allowed me to learn more about myself, life, and situations in general that has expanded my levels of consciousness. This journey has also taught me learning is a lifetime task, and I have so much more to learn.

The journey that I am on has inspired me to write. I have read that some people create blogs to document their journey and I thought that idea was perfect. Diaries are used to document journeys and experiences.

I am using Goddess Diary as my platform to connect with others in the most positive and focused way! Goddess Diary is my way to connect with people who are facing the challenges that I have faced. It is my goal to converse with others who can share their stories of defeat & triumph. I want to talk with those who can provide encouraging words & advice and also communicate with those who are receptive to hearing encouraging words.

Here is where I will explain a variety of concepts that I have help me to expand my levels of consciousness. I will share my experiences as I work through my challenges. I named a few earlier and I am sure some hidden ones will appear as I continue to grow on my journey. Ultimately, it is one my goals to show people that by working and especially working through your challenges, your vision will become your reality. Here is where I share my journey. Enjoy the ride!


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