Think on Purpose

If you know me, then you know that I am a firm believer in thoughts creating your reality. I mean the concept is quite simple.

For example: You have two working young women. They are both from the same city, same race, same educational background, work for the same company. They both get fired. The company they work for down sizes and they are no longer needed.

One automatically thinks, “My life is over.” She fills out a few applications here and there, however she does not receive an immediate response from the companies that she has applied to. She begins to THINK they will never hire me. She THINKS, I will never be a success. I am a failure. This is what she THINKS all day. She THINKS her life is over and within 6 months, she commits suicide.

Now women # 2, once she is let go she is taken aback, however she THINKS,  “I am not going to let this situation get me down.” She THINKS to herself, “What do I need to do to get myself out of this situation?” She fills out jobs application. She receives no response. She contacts the places she applied to, she fills out more applications. She watched her sisters children on the weekends and ran errands for others to earn extra income. In 6 months, someone called her with a job and she is now making more than she was making previously.

Everyone has the power to think. Everyone has the power to think ON PURPOSE & NOT ON PURPOSE. Some people refer to these thoughts as “good” and “bad” thoughts. But who are we to say what is good & bad.

When you think ON PURPOSE, you hold the power! You know where you are going and why you are going there. You will not allow people and situations to disturb the peace that you have because you overstand that every interaction is on purpose. You overstand, every experience is helping you to grow into the person you are becoming. Thinking on purpose is thinking about growth in every area of your life. Thinking on purpose is expanding your life into greatness.

Now just as we all have the power to think ON PURPOSE, we also have the power to think NOT ON PURPOSE. Those who are not thinking with purpose in mind are more than likely living a confused, stressful, and/or ordinary life filled with a lot of complaining and dependence. These people are worried about what everyone else is doing and did. No life of their own. They do not like their job but will not learn a new skill. People who thoughts are NOT ON PURPOSE complain about everything & change nothing. These people know not of the power that they possess. They are not involved in lasting relationships. No Growth. No Self Awareness. No Life.

Thank you for reading my thoughts. Until next time…

-The Goddess


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