What do you believe?

As I stated before, your thoughts are definitely important in the process of creating your life. However, there is a concept that is as equally important as having focused thoughts, and that is believing in them.

“What you think about in your mind and believe in your heart, you will produce in your reality.”

Its that simple.

If you truly think and believe  with all your heart that you are beautiful no matter what size you are, then you are. If you think and believe that you are the best writer, singer, athlete, doctor, whatever in the world, then you are that. Who can tell you different? And if you aren’t where you want to be, having those positive thoughts will help you get there.

But wait, you also have the power to think and believe in thoughts which serve you no purpose. Like your fat, ugly, addicted, worthless, and so on.

What you think about grows. Thinking positive causes you to have more positive thoughts. Thinking negative produces more negativity. Believing in thoughts that serve you no purpose will never allow you to have the opportunity to think about solutions that serve you.

Thinking on purpose = Solutions

Thinking not on purpose= No Solutions


-The Goddess


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