“I have the POWER”

One day I woke up and I was feeling absolutely fabulous. I woke up early, my son was in a good mood and I declared that, that day, would be a good day.

Well you know as soon as you make a declaration LIFE start testing you.

1. When I got to work, there was no parking

2. Supervision with my boss sucked

3. There was no company vehicle, so i had to catch the bus & it was raining

I mean everything that could go wrong, did indeed go wrong. And I began to notice something. I noticed that with every situation that came my way, I allowed it to alter my mood.

I went from having a good day to a bad day all because of people and the situations that I faced daily. I began to notice that I did not like that about myself and I’m making the decision to change it. I can’t believe that I, Ms. Positivity, would allow people and situations I cannot control allow me to go from happy to sad or mad to glad.

I have a disagreement with my boss. I’m mad.

Someone doesn’t come through on a promise. I’m dissappointed and mad.

The bus is late. Now I’m irked.

So one day after listening to one of the many motivational videos on “You Are Creators” Youtube Channel (check them out!) a question crept in my mind.

What if you were who you say you are no matter what happens to you?

Haa there ever been a time where you allowed someone to disturb your peace, mess up your mood? I mean really just destroyed your whole day.

If you answered yes to any of these questions. Now I ask, Why? Why do we allow people and situations  to bring us down or make us happy?  What would the world be like if we relied solely on ourselves for complete happiness and stability? How would our interactions be if we did not rely on others to provide us with the fundamentals  we are already suppose to have?

So Anyways I developed my own personal action plan to help me in changing this characteristic about myself.

First Step:

“I have the Power”

I wrote this down every where. My work clip board, index cards that I placed in my wallet, in my car. I mean literally everywhere.

Writing things down is like setting it in stone. It is your way of sending a message to the universe. Pen & paper. It is the only way!

Step 2:

I meditate on it all day. I think about it all day. By writing “I have the Power” on everything and looking at it all the time, every now and then, I hear my little voice say while I am completing my task for the day. “I have the power.”

My little voice then gets creative and states: “And no one can take that from you.”

The message:

You have everything you need. No one or situation has the power to alter your mood unless you give it to them. We can no longer use other people and situations on the outside to allow us to ACT or REACT a certain way.

“We have the POWER & lets be us CONSISTENTLY”-the goddess



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