Let Go & Live Unplanned

​In life. Society tells us that we have to do certain things and accomplish certain goals in order for us to be fulfilled. To feel fulfilled. 

So we create goals and devise a plan. In this plan, we discuss how many kids we want to have, our careers, the type of relationship we want to have with our partners, friends, family members.  If your anything like me, you have your 1,5  and 10 year life plan. You think a lot about tomorrow and do your best in attempting to prevent mistakes from happening in everyday life.


However, how by planning everything. You are not allowing God to have the opportunity to do its work. What you focus on is what you get. If you have a plan, you focus on achieving those goals in the way that you planned to or at least close to it.

What happens when things do not go according to the plan? What happens when you don’t get that job you planned on getting or that raise or lose that pound and that relationship does not workout? In some, ungodly feelings begin to fester inside us like defeat, disappointment, failure, and so on.

I hear it is hard for God to work under those circumstances. We have to be open. We have to be open to the unknown events that occur in our lives to see the beauty in living. To see miracles happen.

This is a lesson that I am learning in my everyday life. However, I have found that it is one to be lived by. Cheers to letting go and living unplanned.
Have a good day yall! Be blessed!


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