The Ultimate Game Changer

These two words were a game changer for me. The two words that I am referring to are “I AM”. After learning the power that these two words hold, I often wonder why no one explained to me that “I AM” was a complete life changer. Have you noticed how many of your sentences start with “I Am”? How much attention do you pay to the words that follow “I Am” when you speak? If you haven’t really paid it any mind, I encourage you to be more aware.

I REPEAT knowing the power behind these two words are a definite game changer.

The words that you speak hold a lot of power. Every time you speak, you are literally placing “spells” over yourself and others. You words are also a source of energy. You ever see someone having a bad day and you approach them to see if everything is okay and then by the end of the conversation they say something like “Thank you for taking the time to talk to me. You really brightened my day”. Or how about when someone pissed you off and you have to calm yourself down by talking to yourself. The words that you say to yourself or others are energy and that type of power you want to use for good. Use this energy to take complete control of your life. You can be anything you want to be in life, start by speaking it!
“I Am” ……… gives you the ultimate control of your life

If you say, “I am going to have a good day.” You may start the day by looking for the good in the day. Thanking god for all that he has blessed you with. You may think about all the things that frustrated you the day before and vow to conquer those challenges today. You may be more patient, taking a deep breath before every response.

“I Am”…….Guides your actions

If you say “I am fat”. That means you think you are fat. Which may cause you to eat more because you think you are fat already. Could cause you to go on a diet. May cause you to experience more negative thoughts about yourself all because you said you are fat.

If you say “I am ugly”. That may cause you to walk with your head down, slouched shoulders, no eye contact with others. May cause you to be depressed or have you seek negative attention because any attention is better than no attention (which is not true).

“I AM” …… Sets the intention

If you say,

“I am going to the gym 3 times this week.”

“I am making a positive effort to strengthen my relationships with so so and so”

“I am not doing a damn thing today they get on my nerves” (this was me yesterday lol)

If you intend to complete a task, learn a skill, or even change a relationship, speak about it first. Speaking does not replace ACTION, however speaking is a start.

Whether what you speak is positive or negative the universe has no problem with supporting you with whatever follows “I AM………………..”

What do you say you are?


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