#1 Universal Law of Success

Hello Everyone! I first want to thank you for visiting me every week. The views and feedback that I have been receiving has been amazing!

Today and for the following weeks, I will discuss the universal laws of success. What are “Universal laws”? Universal laws or laws of nature are principles in which the entire cosmos continue to exist. Universal laws cannot be denied by anyone!

In the beginning of my journey, the universe continuously pulled me to literature concerning universal laws and the reasons why I should be incorporating them in my everyday life. One book that I came across about 3 years ago was, “The Twelve Universal Laws of Success” written by Herbert Harris (I will be using this book as guide in writing my next few post) I read this book at least once per year and it really has supported me in getting my life. By making myself familiar and applying bits and pieces of each law daily in my life, I am really learning a lot about myself, attracting the success I deserve and living with the knowing that I control my own life!

The first universal law of success is the law of thought and manifestation. This law simply means, your thoughts manifest your life experience. I discussed the first part of this law in What’s keeping you focused? , where I focus on our thoughts. Please refresh your mind if you need to before moving forward.

Today I will discuss the second part of this law and that is manifestation. By my own definition, I will say that manifestation is the “matter (physical substance) that you produce in your life”.

Your thoughts manifest your life experiences! What you manifest relies strongly on how you feel about yourself, your attitude toward others, and your outlook on life. This post will focus mainly on your self image- how you feel about yourself.

Before I continue, let me be very clear! You are attracting situations and people to you everyday, voluntarily or involuntarily, just because you are alive. By understanding “The Law of Thought and Manifestation”, you will use this law as a tool to consciously bring about what it is that you are seeking. If you are not willfully thinking about what it is that you want out of life, you will be given anything. On this journey of living a better life and being a better person, it is important that we figure out who we are and what we stand for so we can attract the situations and people that we want in our lives. By completing an assessment of where you are currently, you will be aware of  the unhealthy patterns or recognize that you are on the right track!

Your self image is the mental and emotional picture you hold in your head about who and what you are.

If you speak negative thoughts about yourself, all your experiences will be negative. If you speak positive about yourself and think positive about yourself all of your experiences will be positive.

If you are in the process of making some changes in your life and are struggling, here are some things that you can do:

  1. Make sure the words that you speak with your mouth, you feel in your heart. Example: You been with your mate for a while and in your heart your feel that you have grown apart but with your words you speak that you still want to be with him. The relationship will have conflict because your words and your heart does not match.
  2. Revisit the child in you. The majority of our thoughts, emotions, and feelings develop between the ages of 0-7. Think about the thinking patterns and habits of those who raised you. What were the conditions of your environment? Some answers are in your childhood waiting for you!
  3. Change your environment. When you are in an environment for so long you take on those characteristics. If the environment you currently are in does not  align with who you are now and where you are going, let it go or shrink yourself!
  4. Change Your Associations. You are like the people you hang around the most. You make the same amount of money, interested in the same things, share the same values. Do the people you call friend now align with where you are going? Could their drama be holding you back?

In the book, 12 ways to improve your self image was discussed, I will share a few which really resonates with me

  1. Be honest with yourself. When you are not honest with yourself, you destroy the possibilities of growth and improvement.
  2. Develop your imagination. Where yor imagination leads your reality will follow.
  3. Relax. Good things cannot manifest in a stressful environment.
  4. Have a wining feeling. A strong positive attitude of accomplishment.
  5. Cultivate good habits. Good habits induce positive cycles of good health, proper rest, a balanced diet, regular exercise, and right thinking.
  6. Aim to be happy. Expect good things to happen daily.
  7. Unmask! Mask are symbols of insecurity and self doubt.
  8. Have compassion.
  9. Grow from your mistakes.
  10. Acknowledge your weaknesses. Any weakness not acknowledged cannot be overcome
  11. Be yourself!
  12. Never stop growing! The moment you reject the growth principle of life, you accept the static principle of death.

We all have the power to improve our self image and manifest what it is that we really want in our lives. All we have to do is change the way we think about ourselves!

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