Goddess Lessons in Entrepreneurship

I have been missing Goddess Diary so much. My new business venture has been occupying all my time.

I officially became the owner of my own business in July of 2018. Its a mobile food cart. The idea crept into my mind the summer of 2017 and a year later I made it happen. This process has taught me so much and I thought it would be appropriate to share some lessons that I have learned so far along this entrepreneurial journey.

  1. Everything won’t go according to YOUR plan. I believe its always good to have a plan. However, its important to remember that you are the co-creator of your life. There is a higher energy source and your plan may not align with its plan. Its okay! Be able to go with the flow. Re-evaluate and trust the process.
  2. No one cares about the minor details like you do. I wanted everything to be perfect for my 1st day. I over think everything, down to what I should put on the dog 1st, bottles or cans, etc. Opening day, it didn’t matter to my supporters, either they didn’t notice or they didn’t care. I literally stressed myself out trying to please my supporters and my supporters were simply pleased by me being out there.
  3. Your business idea will inspire others. My first day, I had people tell me how they were interested in owning there own cart and/or business. They shared ideas with and me and stated how by just seeing me out there motivated them to get started. We need you to do you, so others can do them!
  4. Help others. I faced many obstacles when purchasing my cart and going through licensing and inspection. After being approved and talking to others, they shared with me their challenges and since I had already faced some of the challenges, I was willing to give information. Don’t be the person who conceals information. It’s enough money out here for all of us!
  5. Stay true to you. Ask for discernment, however, there are going to be plenty of people who say what they would do if and how they would do that. Listen to what applies and let the rest go. If it doesn’t align with your vision, don’t listen! Continue to do you! That’s what got you this far!
  6. You can do it by yourself, but it’s easier with a team. I am so thankful for my team! Your team is anyone who allows you to do your business with as less stress as possible. If you don’t have a team. Build one!

Thank you for reading. Talk to you soon!

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