About The Goddess



Hey Y’all! My name is Antinette also known as The Goddess. I was born and raised in Wilmington, De. In 2013, I began to feel a shift in who I was becoming as a person, on a spiritual level. I began to question EVERYTHING! Especially my religion. At that time, I remember what my grandfather told me plain as day “You relied on us to teach you. Now its time to teach yourself.” Well that’s all I needed to hear. I began to RESEARCH, RESEARCH, RESEARCH. Not only did I read books pertaining to religion, I have read lots of books on thousand of topics, not limited to but including African American Studies, leadership, personal development, adolescent development, human behavior, communication, mental health. I also graduated from college with my Bachelors in Social Work and Masters in Administration of Human Services. I say this to say, the passion that I have for educating, motivating, and empowering individuals, groups, families, and communities is real!

This is where Goddess Diary comes into play. Goddess Diary was created in 2016 to document my journey into consciousness. I use my life experiences, educational background, and passion for empowering, educating, and motivating others to guide me as I write my weekly post. Goddess Diary is solely dedicated to supporting people in living their best lives, while I live mine. It is my hope that by you reading what I write, you will be inspired, empowered, or just simply enlightened.

I have a request of my readers. If there are any topics you want discussed let me. If you need any advice in any area, please reach out to me. If you know someone or a group of people who would benefit from what I am writing, let me know. I speak too!

Be Blessed Y’all. Thanks for reading!